samedi 2 juillet 2005

What a baby !

The 4th sept 2004 : she's 5 months old
Photos taken January 3, 2005
Sealy stands just under 14 hands in the withers at 9 months old... she has a massive body and a super head and neck (the pics are all natural).



Photos below were taken in April of 2005 
Sealy is now 12 months old and stands 14.1 in the withers and just over 14.2 in the hips

These are John Tuder's pics from website
John wrote about Sealy :

" 'Sealy' is a powerfully built filly. Line-bred Obvious Conclusion. Tremendous mass and elegance in one package. She will make a super broodmare on top of being a tough competitor. Her sire and dam are both big (15.2+) horses. Sealy should be a monstrous mare by the time she is a 4YO." 

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